How to Crochet for Beginners

Crochet for beginners is one of the best things to learn. In addition to being a therapy to crochet, you can make any piece for your home, such as blankets, dolls, blanket for sofa and bed, pillows… In this article we will teach you how to crochet!!

There are some useful tips that everyone needs to know at the beginning when learning how to crochet for beginners, as they will help you to make even more beautiful and delicate pieces.

With that in mind, we made a basic crochet guide for beginners, which everyone needs to know when entering the crochet universe to make beautiful pieces to leave on the nightstand and decorate the whole house. Check and prepare your needles!

how to crochet
How to Crochet for Beginners

How to Crochet for Beginners

Crochet is an art that has become a tradition among several families. Many people learn from their mothers and grandmothers, and the trend is that the technique is actually passed on from generation to generation. But if you weren’t that lucky and you want to start in the world of crochet, how about writing down foolproof tips to learn without restrictions?

According to artisan Jussara, who has been working in crochet for over 35 years, the materials needed for her initiation are:

how to crochet

Needle: there is a unique needle shape for crochet work, and sizes vary according to the thread used. But according to Jussara, beginners will find more comfort and better precision when performing stitches with a metal needle, size 2.

Line: the ideal for those who have no practice in crochet is to start by handling cotton lines, especially the finer ones, as they are easier to work with.

Scissors: this tool is essential for cutting the thread without unraveling it.
With these 3 materials you will be able to make countless crochet pieces without mistake!

What are charts and recipes

For you to better understand the art of crocheting, it is necessary to understand that a chart is not the same thing as a pattern. A chart informs the size and dimension of each project that will be crocheted, using stitch symbols, while the recipe includes the exact stitches that will be used in the piece during its manual work, describing the chart in writing.

What are and what are the basic crochet stitches
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